Please see my most frequently asked questions and answers below:


How much space do you need?

Usually 1 Metre Sq

How is it best to time things?

Usually sets of 45 or 30 mins work well

Can I pick the bands playlist?

Yes feel free to look at my song repertoire including both classical and contemporary pieces and songs.

Where will you travel to?

I travel UK wide

Can I see you play live?

Yes I play afternoon tea at The Dorchester every Sun, Mon and Thurs from 1-7pm

Will you learn our special song?

Yes I love learning new songs and usually there will just be a charge for the sheet music if I need it!

Is the video on your website a true reflection of you?

Yes it gives a good indication

How do I book you?

Please contact Alive Network to book - either by using this website or visiting AliveNetwork.com
Contact my agents via 0845 108 5500 or email enquiries@alivenetwork.com

Can we use your sound system for speeches?

Yes and there is no extra charge

What equipment do you use?

I use a Yamaha stage Piano and a Hot Sport monitor system 3 way 150w also a Steinway Piano Shell

Do you have lights?

No its not usually necessary

How long do you play for?

Its entirly upto you. I'm happy to play upto 6 x 45 min sets per day

What time do you start and finish?

This can be tailored to your requirments

How long do you take to set up?

Usually 30 Minutes

Can I provisionally book you?

I can pencil in an enquiry and can hold a date for a few days

Can my sisters/bosses/daughters dog sing with you?

Yes if a rehearsal is booked in

Do you have PAT and PLI certificates?

Yes I have 10M Public Liability via the MU and full PAT testing to current date

Do you have any specific requirements?


What type/size venues are you able to play at?

I play at all types from The Dorchester to Sainsburys!

How loud will you be?

My aim is to be noticable but never over powering so your guests can still talk to eachother. I like to complement the background.

What is your power requirement?

2 plug Sockets

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